Free Money Making Programs

Money makining programs i use which are free.

In this section I will be sharing some of the programs that I use to make make money online for free, just by spending a few minutes a day, I will be adding more after I test them.

This can help to make small amounts of cash online, it won’t be life-changing but if you join up to a couple of programs that I share, it will add up and it may pay for your monthly hosting plan, domain, or anything you choose, remember every penny adds up.

So let me begin with this first program…

This program is paid viewpoint, there is a video below from the site owners for you to take a look at, my thoughts on this program, is that it is easy to make small amounts of cash, it will not make you rich overnight, but the more you visit and take the tests (which are very basic) the more they send them your way, sometimes also the surveys can take a few minutes for as an example $0.03 i got paid for answering 12 questions, the only good thing about that test was I gained more bonus points, which in turn the more points you get the more surveys they send to you.

I give this program an average 3/5.

It could work out better if I spent more time on this program, but for me its a bit slow to start, it does pick up slightly, but I don’t use the program enough as my time is taken up by other things.

Below is a video on how it works: >>>Click Here To Join Up<<<

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